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Make your voice be heard! Complete this survey on staffing, self-efficacy, and asthma management and receive a $15 Gift Card

Posted 6 days ago by Mary louise Neyhart

If you have previously filled out this survey on self-efficacy and asthma management, we appreciate your time and commitment to school nursing. Please disregard this email.


We are conducting a research study to examine school nurses' self-efficacy in providing asthma care, performance of asthma management behaviors, and the influence of professional environment factors in Pennsylvania schools. We invite you to participate and complete a 15-minute survey for this study. Your responses will be kept anonymous, and no personal information will be collected in this part of the survey. Participation is voluntary, which means you can choose whether or not to participate.

At the end of the survey, respondents who complete the entire survey will be offered the opportunity to click on a separate link to receive a $15 gift card. You will be asked to provide personal information for participant payment purposes. This personal information will be kept separate from your survey about nurses' self-efficacy and performance of asthma management behaviors.

If you are interested, please click on the link below to start the survey.

Self-efficacy and asthma management survey