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Nursing License Applications and Renewal Fees Increase as of 7/27/19

Posted 10 months ago

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On July 27, 2019, the fees for applications, biennial renewals and nursing education programs submitted to the State Board of Nursing will increase.  The fees will be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin at  on July 27th and will be added to the Board’s website next week.  If you submit an application on or after July 27, 2019, you will be charged the new/increased fees.


Section 11.2(a) and (d) of the Professional Nursing Law and Section 17.5(a) of the Practical Nurse Law require the Board to set fees by regulation so that revenues meet or exceed expenditures over a biennial period. The Department of State’s budget office determined that the Board would need to increase its fees to meet its expenditures. The fee increase was implemented through the regulatory process, which included discussion in open session at monthly Board meetings, opportunity for public comment as well as review and approval by legislative committees, the Governor’s office, the Office of General Counsel, the Office of Attorney General and the Independent Regulatory Review Commission.


A copy of the Board’s final rulemaking is currently available on the Independent Regulatory Review Commission’s website at


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