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Posted 4 months ago by Mary louise Neyhart

The two month suspension of the specific vaccination codes is meant to be used as a timeframe to help parents obtain updated vaccinations. Many pediatrician offices and the state health centers have not been open to give vaccinations due to COVID 19 and through no fault of their own, many parents have had issues obtaining appointments to update their child’s vaccinations. A two month time period was put into place to give parents extra time to update their children’s vaccination status without exclusion from school. The immunization code and two month suspension of that code is applicable to online, cyber and brick and mortar schools alike. That would mean if the school is providing online schooling initially, the first day of school is the time the two month time frame starts.

Please make sure all vaccinations are reviewed and parents are alerted if their child’s vaccination status is not up to date so that they will be compliant when the temporary suspension of the code ends, two months after the start of school. HERE is a link to the guidance given. 


Janine M. Strick, BSN, RN|  Nursing Services Consultant

Pennsylvania Department of Health |

Division of Immunizations