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I See! I See! Please Read the Information Below Regarding Changes to Vision Screening in PA Schools

Posted 14 days ago by Mary louise Neyhart

Changes to the Vision Screening Program in PA Schools

The Vision Screening and Examinations portion of the PA School Health Law has been amended in House Bill 1342, having passed the House and Senate, and awaiting the anticipated signature of Gov. Wolf. Highlights to the bill include: 1) Vision screenings or an eye examination prior to admission to the school for the first time, 2) the development of vision screening standards by the Advisory Health Board, 3) yearly vision screenings until completion of the fifth grade and then at least every two years afterward until graduation from twelfth grade, 4) a comprehensive eye examination following a failed screening within 120 days or before the start of the following school year, whichever comes first. The bill will apply to school years beginning after the regulations are promulgated by the Advisory Health Board. 

The bill in its entirety can be read HERE