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Check out the Job Posting for a open position at Daniel Boone Area School District

Posted 17 days ago

Daniel Boone Area School District
Long Term Substitute School Nurse 
7 1/2 Hours per day
Requirements for the Position
1.     Experience in nursing profession
2.     Knowledge of current practices in the field
3.     Possess a valid and current R.N. license and bachelor’s degree
4.     Secure proper certification for public school nursing
5.     Experience working with children
6.     The individual’s credentials are in compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations governing individuals functioning in the capacity of this position.
Major Responsibilities
1.     Provide health services and examinations to students
2.     Maintain and report information on pupil health records
3.     Promote the health of all students, encouraging each individual to reach his or her educational capacity.
Duties and Responsibilities
1.     Maintain health and dental records of all students
2.     Assist school physicians and dentists in the completion of necessary examinations
3.     Weigh and measure students
4.     Administer routine auditory and visual examinations
5.     Administer necessary first aid and emergency treatment as may be required
6.     Secure necessary medical advice from school physician in cases of severe injury
7.     Conduct necessary student attendance searches as may be required by the principals
8.     Budget and requisition necessary medical supplies for adequate operation of health program
9.     Administer to individual students proper medication when and as prescribed by the student’s personal physician (with the approval of the school physician)
10.    Advise members of the staff on medical needs of students and proper medical procedures when requested
11.    Operate and manage the building’s health facilities with the advice and consent of the principal(s) directly concerned
12.    Administer tuberculosis tests every three years to ninth grade students.
13.    Administer scoliosis tests every year to seventh grade students.
14.    Prepare reports for immunizations, the annual state reports and accident reports.
15.    Perform clerical and other duties related to the health room as assigned by the building principal
16.    Perform such other duties as may be required by the administration and the Board of School Directors
Revision 6/92, 8/19/96, 11/3/08
Thank you, 
Denetra Bauer
Human Resource Specialist
Daniel Boone Area School District
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