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Purses for Nurses

Posted over 3 years ago by Lori Kelley

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It is time to "Race to get your 'Purse'sonality On"!! Purses for Nurses is just one of the NASN Endowment Fundraisers this year. PASNAP has been challenged to donate not one, but two purses!! Let's help fill the racks so that NASN meets the $20,000 overall goal.

  • Volunteers: NASN would love and appreciate any volunteers to help with Purses for Nurses. Please go to this link and "Sign up" for a time slot:
  • Purse Donation: To make the auction process run smoothly, NASN will be collecting information electronically on your donations. Please go to this link and "Sign up". You will have the opportunity to give a description and value of each purse/item. Please indicate if you are mailing your donation. The mailing address is Mary Conway 347 N. Summerfield Drive, Greenfield, Indiana 46140.