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PA Teen Health Week 2017

Posted about 2 years ago by Lori Kelley

The information regarding PA Teen Health Week is available at

The toolkit's sections include:

I. Introduction and Background
II. Teen Health Week 2017 Overview
III. Academic Standards and Laws Addressed with Teen Health Week Activities
     a. Academic Standards for Health, Safety and Physical Education
     b. Examples of Academic Standards from Math, Science and Language Arts
     c. Act 71
     d. Dating Violence Policy Law
IV. Health Literacy
V. Preparation Timeline
     a. September 2017
     b. September – December 2017
     c. December 2017
VI. January 4 - 6
VII. Available Media Images and Posters
VIII. January 9 - 13
      a. Monday: Healthy diet and exercise
      b. Tuesday: Violence Prevention
      c. Wednesday: Mental Health
      d. Thursday: Sexual Development and Health
      e. Friday: Substance Use and Abuse
IX. References
X. Special Thanks

If you have any questions, please contact: 

Laura Offutt MD, FCPP
Real Talk with Dr, Offutt, LLC